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You are here: Home  June 2012  Products Days Inn launches new website, Inner Circle

Days Inn launches new website, Inner Circle

Sunny Chadha, revenue manager, Days Inn - Niagara Falls, By the Falls, Centre Street. Chadha is a member of the Days Inner Circle and is an active member in the private Days Inner Circle Facebook group. He is seen in this photo wearing the exclusive member name badge.

TORONTO—More than a year of work culminated in the launch of the fully refreshed version of at the end of April.

“We’ve had the URL for many years,” says Melissa Kenney, senior director of marketing for Realstar Hospitality, which franchises Days Inns in Canada.

“This is a full refresh with many more functions, including TripAdvisor reviews.  All travellers are checking TripAdvisor, and it’s much more convenient to have the reviews right on the site.”

The new website allows for different national promotions, and “great big maps” complete with driving directions.

“You can stay on the site for everything. It’s all about booking direct,” Kenney adds.  Days Inns, like other brands, is working hard to drive business through its brand website as opposed to online travel agencies.

“The design is much more attractive, with about 12 photos per hotel.  It gives guests a good feel for what they can expect.”

Inner Circle recognition

A year ago, Days Inns Canada launched a new employee recognition program.

Their previous program, called the Positive Guest Experience program, was a tiered program, where employees could earn points based on guest feedback and online courses.  They could advance to the bronze, gold or silver level.

When considering a new program, Days Inns looked at what they wanted to achieve, and what motivates staff to provide quality service.

“We called a few different properties and asked them about employees who have created that wow factor,” says Rob Frias, senior director of operations, Days Inns Canada.

Under the new Inner Circle program, guests nominate stars through comment cards or on TripAdvisor or Medallia.  If an employee gets a certain number of comments, they can wear a special name badge distinguishing them from other employees at the hotel.

There are special draws for Inner Circle members, with items such as a mattress, a television or other gifts.

Monthly communications let Inner Circle members know when the draws are coming up, and give ongoing tips regarding best practices.

“We’ve just launched a Facebook page for Days Inner Circle members,” notes Frias. “We can also use the Facebook page to reach out directly to employees as a focus group, so they can let us know about things we should be doing.”

The membership-based program requires staff to have a certain number of positive remarks to sustain their Inner Circle status over a 12-month period.

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