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News Briefs ~ July 2012

Wired vacations now the norm

EAST LANSING, MI—Scanning smartphones, tablets and laptops is as much a part of vacations as slathering on sunscreen, according to a Michigan State University study.

“Not that long ago, travellers would need to find a payphone or send postcards to brag about their vacations. Now they just log on and send photos and text,” said Christine Vogt, MSU professor of community agriculture, recreation and resource studies, who co-authored the study with Kelly MacKay of Ryerson University (Canada). “Our results show clearly how the changing nature of IT behaviour in everyday life is spilling over into our vacations.”

The study showed that people using smart phones have tripled. The study also revealed that wireless use was higher on vacation (40 per cent) than at home (25 per cent). Also telling, were figures that show that people used the Web more to plan vacations (80 per cent) than for work (70 per cent).

CRFA/NRA partnership

TORONTO—The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association and the American National Restaurant Association have signed an agreement to launch a Canadian version of the Conserve Sustainability Education Program. The initiative will provide Canadian restaurant operators and foodservice establishments with tools and information to become more environmentally friendly in areas ranging from energy use to waste management.

The Conserve program in Canada is expected to launch this fall and will have an online presence to ensure operators can easily access educational materials, including videos and case studies, similar to the original program but customized for the Canadian market.

Green Key Global Launches Carbon Calculator for Lodging

OTTAWA—Green Key Global announces the launch of a carbon calculator developed specifically for the lodging industry.  The new carbon calculator will assist hotels in determining their annual carbon footprint based on a set of key sources and activities.

Developed jointly by the Hotel Association of Canada and the Greater Toronto Hotel Association the Green Key Carbon Calculator was created to meet the growing demand for an industry-specific carbon management tool.

The Green Key Calculator allows hotel owners on a global scale to capture environmental, economic and reputation management benefits at the individual, portfolio and industry level by measuring, reporting and ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of their operations.


The first paragraph of the CLN article on the first Wyndham Garden Inn in Canada erroneously mentioned that the Costabile family owns three properties, the Oakes Inn, Days Inn Fallsview and Days Inn Clifton Hill. In fact, the family only owns the Wyndham Garden. The Oakes and Days Inns are owned by Niagara Hospitality Hotels Inc.

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